WARNING:  The sermons below are not for the faint of heart.  I have selected these sermons because they deal with the deeper things of the Christian life. They address topics and contain principles that I consider to be a vital part of Christian growth. 

I am well aware that many Christians have already gotten the "victory" in these areas. If you are one of the victorious, I ask that you pray for others as they learn the lessons and draw closer to the Lord Jesus Christ. I am also aware, however, that many Christians are still struggling with these principles and it is my intent to help those Christians discover and then conquer those character traits that can hinder a close relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.   

My prayer is that these sermons will help in your Christian walk and that you will be able to overlook any "mistakes" in the delivery or any "faults" in the preacher, and see the deeper principles that every one of us must face in our own Christian life.  

Thank you for having the interest and the courage to listen.  May God bless your hearing and your understanding of the word of God.


Files coming soon.